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Trusted Virtual Domains for OpenSolaris

Trusted Virtual Domains (TVDs) are a new framework for the implementation of secure multi-domain / single-infrastructure computer networks like centralized data centers or single organizational LANs that span over different physical places. A Trusted Virtual Domain is a set of virtual hosts that are distributed across multiple physical machines and that share a common security policy. Computational resources from different owners share the same physical infrastructure, while strong isolation is enforced by modern CPU security functionality and a secure operating system.

The goal of this project is to implement the TVD concept in a production environment that is ready to use. We use OpenSolaris as the server operating system and make use of Solaris Zones as a lightweight virtualization technology to provide isolated execution environments.

With a TVD infrastructure, enterprises can separate information flows within a single network and assign employees access to specific parts of the system according to their business logic und sensitivity of data without the need to use dedicated hardware for each network segment. Compromise of parts of the system would thus leave other domains unaffected. The usage scenario includes data center and business networks, but could be anything from small to large networks. A user may take advantage of this by creating different domains for different actions. This could be for instance the separation of web activity and access to their private data.

Because of its comprehensive design, an implementation of the Trusted Virtual Domain concept has to consider a lot of differrent technologies. Theses include for example:

  • Trusted Computing to ensure integrity of virtual machines
  • Access Control to restrict intra-TVD communication
  • Virtualization and isolation of TVD members
  • Network virtualisation to separate network traffic


Our approach consists of two major components. A TVD Master stores and enforces a policy that is passed to the TVD Proxy, wich represents a local copy of the TVD Master. The proxy locally enforces the TVD Policy and assigns resources to virtual machines.

TVD-Solaris Architecture

Demo Videos:

TVD-Solaris demo (high resolution, AVI) (AVI video, 160 MB)

TVD-Solaris demo (high resolution, MOV) (Quicktime video, 55 MB)

TVD-Solaris demo (low resolution) (MPEG-4 video, 15 MB)



If you are interested in this project and want do a student research project at our chair, please contact us.

Contact persons: Marcel Winandy and Hans Löhr